No tax on fuel, crafts confectionary, pops, tobacco crafts and confectionary items.
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About Wolf Energy & Muskoka Trading Post

We Are Proud To Be Locally Owned And Operated

A First Nations Business

Native Built, Owned, Operated, And Supplied.

Located right off the 400 Hwy near Bala (EXIT: Iroquois Cranberry Growers Dr), Muskoka Trading Post and Wolf Energy was built in 2020 providing native-priced fuel and tobacco products to indigenous and non-indigenous customers.
We are proud to share our roots as being built on native land, with our ground constructed by a native-owned construction company, to be supplied by a native owned fuel provider (Original Traders Energy), and to feature other native owned products in-store such as Grand River Enterprises tobacco products (DKS, Putters, Sago, Golden Leaf, Oakdale, and Menage).
Additional products include coffee, wood, propane, motor oil and fluids, fireworks, ice, grocery, and more.
We invite you to stop by and check us out. Thank you for your support!
Muskoka Trading Post and Wolf Energy Build outisde of the building image wide shot

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

A First Nations Business

Fuel your vehicle and fuel your body, stop by Wolf Energy & Muskoka Trading Post today and check out their BIG Deals! We offer a wide array of diesel solutions.